About Us

The Methodist Church in Milford is situated in the heart of the community it serves.  We try to meet the needs of  our own members as well as those of others who live in the village along with the many holiday makers that are attracted to the area.


We have recently refurbished the interior of the building and are hoping to get planning permission sometime in the future to modernise the front of the church. We hope that it will provide a safe and secure environment suitable for groups of all ages that will meet the needs of both church and local community groups.


We see this as a vital part of our mission and want to extend the hand of fellowship to all those who use the building.


Milford on Sea Mission Statement       “Mission through service”


We exist

to reveal the love of God though word and deed

to encourage discipleship

to offer a welcome and a place of safety

to develop and strengthen our own faith and support one another.


To that end we will

offer regular Sunday worship

witness our faith in the community through participation in ecumenical services and Bible Studies

be representatives in local organisations

participate in the support of those in need and challenge injustice and inequality