Following the further easing of restrictions by the government there are some changes to Sunday worship taking effect from Sunday 25th July. With social distancing restrictions removed, all of the chairs have been put back into the sanctuary. You will be asked to sanitise your hands upon arrival and wear a face mask when moving around but not once you are seated. Singing will be allowed once again although the use of hymn books is discouraged so we will continue to show all hymns on the screen. All offerings and donations are requested to be made by debit or credit card using our digital collection plate system. We look forward to seeing you in the near future.

Return to Worship

We are delighted to announce that Sunday morning worship will resume at the Milford on Sea Methodist Church on Sunday 13th June at 10:45 am when the preacher will be Revd Pauline Crispin, Superintendent Minister of the Christchurch and Wimborne Circuit.
As you can imagine there are some measures that we have had to put in place in order to comply with government instructions and advice so that all of our attendees can feel safe when they return to the building. These are set out below:
To ensure that we are able to adhere to social distancing rules we need to know in advance who will be attending each service. Please advise Meredith Drury (01590 679337 or peter.drury123@btinternet.com) if you plan to attend and then we need to retain the information about attendees for three weeks after the service to comply with track and trace requirements. Please do not attend if you have started to run a high temperature of have a cough.
Please arrive at church in good time for the start of the service as we must control the flow of people through potential bottlenecks in the building such as the foyer.
Upon arrival, please ensure you put your face mask on before entering the building. There is a hand sanitiser available for your use in the foyer. On the wall to your left as you enter there is a QR code if you need to scan it onto your mobile phone.
When entering the sanctuary please proceed straight to your seat. You will be allowed to sit with members of your own household or with members of one other household.
Please respect other people’s personal space and accept that some may not wish to shake hands or have any physical contact.
There will be no hymn books or Bibles issued although you can bring your own if you wish. Please pick up a copy of the Sunday Link sheet as you enter.
You are not able to fill glasses with water but you are able to bring your own bottled water.
We will not have flowers displayed at the front of the church.
Current rules mean that there can be no singing during the service so hymns and lyrics will be projected and use made of videos.
The situation with regard to Holy Communion is still being reviewed although the first service back is planned to include it.
There will be no offertory taken during the service and our envelope system is no longer available. Our strong preference is for people to make their payments electronically and to this end we have purchased a digital collection plate which acts like the “chip and pin” machines that you will be familiar with in shops and restaurants. It is sited between the piano and the organ and will accept both your offertory and donations. We are encouraging people to use the machine for all payments where possible and this system will allow for Gift Aid recoveries to be recorded if appropriate. We are appealing for donations towards the cost of the digital collection plate and it would be appreciated if any such donations could be made via this medium. If you can only make your payments by cash or by means of a cheque then this should be left in the collection bag at the rear of the church.
At this time there will be no tea or coffee served after services. We are requested to conclude services in the shortest reasonable time.
Exit from the building for those people who have come by car should be via the exit through the flower room directly into the car park. Hand sanitiser is available on this exit route. For people who walked then exit can be via the foyer.
These instructions will be kept under review and may change in line with government advice.
We apologise for the length of the list of restrictions but I am sure that you will understand the need for these measures to be put in place and we look forward to seeing you back in the building on 13th June.

The Milford on Sea Methodist Church is situated in the coastal village of Milford on Sea  which lies between Lymington and Christchurch on the south coast.

The village  is on the borders of the New Forest and is approximately opposite the Needles and the Isle of Wight.




The church’s membership is made up of a group of dedicated Christians whose aim is to provide a warm and friendly fellowship to welcome everyone who comes into our church.

We aim to reach out in service to those around us and tell others of the Gospel of Jesus Christ not only by words  but by our actions.


Keyhaven Road


We also offer pastoral care to everyone within the family of our church through the network of pastoral visitors working with the minister

Our vision for the future is to more effectively proclaim God’s  love for us all by worship and  working with and in the local community.




 Psalm 97  “The Lord is king! Let the earth rejoice; let the many coastlands be glad!” (v. 1)