Prayers for  peace over coffee

This year marks the centenary of the end of the First World War during which some 65 million men were mobilised across Europe and 8.5 million lost their lives.

A century ago, King George V called for a National Day of Prayer for peace. It was held on 4th August 1918 when he met with members of the Houses of Parliament and many others across the country came together to pray for peace.  100 days  later the Great War ended.

On 4th August 2018 to commemorate this event, Christians met together in many places to thank God for the Armistice which took place on 11th November 2018.

In Milford on Sea on 4th August 2018, under the Hope 2018 initiative, five different ecumenical groups comprising over 20 people, met for a cup of coffee at cafes and hotels in the village to give prayers of thanksgiving for peace in this country but also to remember the areas of the world where there is still conflict and great human suffering.

We may wish to continue to pray for world peace throughout the 100 days leading up to Remembrance Sunday on 11th November.





HOPE 2018

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HOPE 2018

    The Hope 2018 initiative kicked off  with a well attended church service at the Milford  Baptist Church on Sunday evening 21st January hosted by Pastor David Hellsten, the Baptist minister.    The vision and plans for Hope 2018’s rhythm of mission throughout the year in Milford on Sea were clearly outlined. A youth band accompanied the enthusiastic singing and the main address was given by Revd. Dr Steve Brady, the principle of Moorlands College in Christchurch.  Steve was his usual inspiration and was very well received....

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New Minister

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Revd. Martin Keenan, previously Superintendent of the Bude and Holsworthy Circuit , from September has taken up a position as the Minister in charge of the Barton Section of the Christchurch and Wimborne Circuit which encompasses the churches at Barton on Sea, Brockenhurst and Milford on Sea.

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