SHARING IN LYMINGTON (Before the merger with Milford).

Contributed by Fran Cooke

Last year I was asked to help with the decorating of our church for the Harvest Festival. It is an Anglican church which is shared with Methodists. Methodists decorate the left side and the Anglicans do the right side and we are all happy!

The agreed time was It was a very cold morning and I arrived too early. So I took the opportunity to walk around the church examining the walls for bugs, spiders or anything else that might be setting up home on the church walls; all are welcome in my mind. Imagine my pleasure when I saw a Red Admiral butterfly sunning itself high up on a wall.  I stood underneath this little butterfly and closed my eyes and shared the warmth. When I opened them again, I was lovely and warm and the butterfly had flown away – how wonderful is that?


Contributed by Linda Cooke

On Boxing Day in the year of 2019 I was feeling young enough to explore our attic.  Whilst there I found a polythene bag with two teddy-bears in it.  We think that Alan rescued them from his mother’s house when he was clearing it out to put on the Market.  Now we had already decided that we had no more room for Teddy bears, so I put one of them in the garage and the other one sat on the bedroom floor for a week looking very tired and ill.   Finally I gave in and tied him up in a pillow case and put him into our washing machine.  I then put him in the ‘hospital’ airing cupboard for over a week.  Meanwhile the bear that I put in the garage, packed himself into an old suitcase and hitched a lift with the New Forest Rubbish Cart, hoping to seek his fortune ……

His friend had now left hospital although his tummy had swelled up a bit and he looked very tired.  We decided to call him Gabriel because we found him on Boxing Day and he came from above.  The other bear was a bit younger and I just hope that he finds his pot of gold on his adventures.



Contributed by Fran Cooke

Currently some of us have more time to spend in our gardens.  Have any of you noticed the Dark Edged Bee Fly (Bombylius major) enjoying itself amongst your flowers?  It likes low growing flowers, particularly Primroses and it hovers around the garden making a very loud buzzing noise and trailing its long legs behind.  We rarely get the opportunity to see it settle so that we can have a good look.  Well last week  I found a warm corner and I sat down with my book settled on my ‘book-cushion’ on a table.  To my delight this Bee Fly took a liking to my cushion and came for a long chat.  I noticed that it had his knees in a kneeling position and its long proboscis tucked underneath.
I have been trying to see one of these properly for a number of years – lucky me it obviously thought I was friendly   ……….
All things bright and beautiful,
all creatures great and small
all things wise and wonderful,
the Lord God made them all.


New Minister

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Revd. Martin Keenan, previously Superintendent of the Bude and Holsworthy Circuit , from September has taken up a position as the Minister in charge of the Barton Section of the Christchurch and Wimborne Circuit which encompasses the churches at Barton on Sea, Brockenhurst and Milford on Sea.

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