Fund Raising

Unfortunately bad weather conspired to limit the number of people attending our book sale   and taking advantage of our refreshments. However we managed to raise £61 and are very grateful to all those helped in any way to achieve that sum. We are hoping to have our next fund raiser during the Easter holidays when there may be more visitors and better weather in Milford. If you have any ideas on Fund Raising please don’t hesitate to tell one of the stewards.


Once again we are asking for your support for a BOOK SALE to be held in the church on Saturday 11th October. This time there will not be any additional stalls but we will be providing refreshments.  This is the ideal time to come and stock up for some reading material for those cold dark winter evenings.



Our Table Top Sale on 23rd August was yet another success for fund raising, realising over £230. A variety of stalls including cakes and plants were supported by local residents and visitors  and our thanks go to all those who helped to raise this amount, especially those who stayed afterwards to restore the sanctuary to some semblence of order.


We hope to have another Book Sale in October so please keep any books you are reading for this event.


Thank you to everyone who helped support the BOOK SALE on Saturday 12th April. The efforts of Alan’s grandchildren was particularly appreciated as they helped to sort all the books (and there were a lot) into authors alphabetically order on the Friday afternoon. Margaret Boyce and her grandson jack did a sterling job providing tea/coffee to both the visitor sand the helpers. Here we recognise the help and assistance we received from all those members who manned the stalls and collected the money as well as all those who provided books and cakes for us to sell. We raised the grand total of just over £243 which was magnificent. Everyone can take a short breather now until we decide what our next fund raising effort will be.

Although the main refurbishment of our church has been completed we have to continue our fund raising efforts so that we can repay some of the very generous loans we have received. So throughout the coming year you will be getting advance notice of the various events we will be staging to help raise this money.

We are starting with having a book stall  at the Table Top sale held at Barton Methodist Church on 22nd February.

The result was disapointing in terms of cash profit which amounted to approximately £25 and we still had a lot of books left over.  However we have decided to have a book sale and coffee morning at the church on Sat. 12th April which will include a cake stall. So watch the church newsletter for further details when we may be asking for more  donations of books and cakes as well as help on the day.