Challenge Ministries Swaziland

Our Harvest Festival service  was enriched by a talk from one of the volunteers from Challenge Ministries Swaziland.

This is a program to work amongst Swaziland’s most vulnerable children.  It works directly with Swaziland Social Welfare to welcome children into their care program. They are trying to provide a bright future full of hope for orphaned and vulnerable children.

A collection was made for this work and together with the money from the Harvest lunch  and a donation from church funds £264 was sent to Challenge Ministries Swaziland. This was the amount needed to sponsor a child for a year.  The money going towards his home care, food and clothing as well as for education, health care and activities.


We have since received details of the young boy we are sponsoring. His name is Mfan’zile Lulane and he was born in 2004 . His parents had abandoned him and he hasn’t any brothers or sisters. He goes to Bulembu Christian Academy which offers an international-calibre education and he lives in a “family style” home with other boys and a care giver known as “aunty”.

We will be receiving future updates and will keep you informed about his life in Bulembu Swaziland.