Bible Study


For our ecumenical study group this year we will be considering the film:

I, Daniel Blake

It is directed by Ken Lynch and was a winner of Best Film at the BAFTAs and Palme D’Or at Cannes Film Festival.

It tells the story of two people’s struggles with an oppressive and dehumanising Benefits System, and represents themes of oppression, compassion and radical response that are at the heart of the Christian gospel.

This five week Lent Study encourages us to consider the stories of the film and how Christians may be called to respond.

The chapters cover:

Systems of oppression

Staying human

Compassion in the darkness

Fighting back or giving in?

and  The Suffering servant


“Nothing More And Nothing Less” is written by Virginia Moffat and will be studied alongside the film I, Daniel Blake.

The course runs for five weeks and commences on

Monday 1st October

at 7.30 pm

   at Milford on Sea Methodist Church