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Revd Martin Keenan

Revd Martin Keenan


Remembering is something we do without thinking about it.  We can see a sight and it reminds us of….  We can hear music and it reminds us of….  We can smell an aroma and it reminds us of….

Some of the things we remember will be good and some will be bad, and all the others will fit somewhere in between.

We are in the Easter season.  We have the dates in our diary so that we will remember… what?  What are we remembering?  What do we remember at Easter?  

As he was eating for the last time with his disciples, Jesus chose to change their memories of the meal.  It was Passover; the time when the Jews remember the Exodus from Egypt.  This was their defining moment as a nation.  This was when they became a nation and were made into the people of God.  They were told every year to remember that their ancestors had been slaves in Egypt for 400 years.  And so the sights, sounds and smells of the meal would remind them of…  Well, they weren’t actually there, but they were living with the benefits of that event, celebrated and remembered in that meal.

Jesus changed it all.  He told his disciples to carry on with the meal, but from now on to do it to remember him.  Only God would say a thing like that.  If Jesus was only a man, only a teacher, then this was a complete break with reality to tell them to forget their great past and remember him instead.

But if he really was, and is, God, then that’s a different matter.  He is God and he was doing something new.  He was establishing his people – the Church – and he told us to eat together to remember him (Luke 22v19).

We weren’t there, but if you have been justified by Jesus through repentance and faith then you are living with the benefits of the crucifixion, death and resurrection of Jesus.  That is worth celebrating!

Easter eggs and Bank Holidays are OK, but why settle for an occasional treat when the whole of your life can be filled with all the fullness of God (Ephesians 3v19).

Remember that what Jesus did he did for everyone, so as you celebrate Easter remember.  Remember Jesus (2 Timothy 2v8).






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